About Louise

Louise O’Donnell is an experienced shamanic practitioner, having undergone extensive training and initiations across Europe and Latin America. She weaves worlds of the masculine and the feminine. Louise has facilitated transformational change in a variety of organisations, including large corporates and government bodies.

She guides individuals and groups in shamanic work and ceremony in Ireland, the UK and internationally, and is a community and event organiser in the International Shamanic Community and for Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage. She has a number of published articles about shamanic work, sacred sites and transformational change. Louise is a final year student at the Open to Channel Mystery School, working with multi-dimensional spiritual groups and planetary healing.

About Declan

Declan Hammond is co-founder and former director of The Irish School of Homeopathy, a homeopath, transpersonal therapist and shamanic practitioner.

His life and work has been a passionate search for the most effective healing tools for himself and his patients. This journey has taken him all over the globe studying Eastern and Western approaches to healing, tantra yoga and traditional shamanic practices.


Declan has developed a unique synthesis of these ancient and modern healing techniques and works with individuals and groups to empower deep personal growth and spiritual transformation.