2015 Solstice: RTE will cover Dowth as well as Newgrange for the first time – Recognising the ancient cycle of celebration

From Darkness (Dowth) to Light (Newgrange). RTE is for the first time covering Dowth with Newgrange for Winter Solstice – recognising for the first time this ancient cycle of celebration.

RTE have contacted us and want to cover the deep tradition which is being awakened through the Winter Solstice Experience.

After thousands of years the land of Ireland can openly celebrate it’s ancient calendar and it’s depth can be recognised, understood and become accepted again.

Winter Solstice is incomplete without the journey from Darkness to Light – Dowth to Newgrange – one of both cleansing and renewal.
Its a very ancient journey that is unique to the sacred monuments of the Boyne Valley.
RTE will be covering a brief moment from the ceremony on Dowth and Newgrange (They will do this very sensitively and discreetly as we are in ceremony).

What is most important is that the people of this land “Remember” again the deep meaning of Solstice ..and the national media who including Dowth in relation to Newgrange is massively aid and demonstrating the shift in consciousness ……. as the Darkness can once again be understood and embraced with the Light.