Honouring the World of Spirits at Samhain

Samhain is a very magical time of the year. The people who followed the original ways of honouring the cycles of nature seen Samhain as a time of death.


A window through the veils of reality from this world to the next. In celebrating Samhain we consciously dance, play, honour and ritually celebrate our connection to the spirit world. Although some may think otherwise, we are surrounded by spirits, ancestors and light beings who are all too happy when we acknowledge their existence. In doing so we add deeper meaning and connection to our lives. We don’t have to struggle away on our own….we are supported in so many ways. Samhain is about opening and allowing that support to flow. It’s two way traffic ….. As we show up and honour the spirit world….. they make their presence more and more known and felt in our lives.

The true scary energy of Samhain is the feelings of isolation and aloneness we feel when we miss or turn away from our innate connection to the spirit world which is our home.

Celebrate the Stillness