A Native California residing in Ireland for the past 22 years.

Passionate about sharing her 25 years professional experience facilitating groups & circles in healing heart-connecting movement.

She was trained to teach Creative Movement in Maryland, USA in 1989 &

in 1996, she was certified in Polarity therapy / energetic healing SynergyDance in Virginia, USA.

About “SynergyDance”

SynergyDance (founded by Polarity Therapist, Charmaine Lee) is a healing form of movement based on a fusion of Asian meridian re-balancing, Qi Gong release, and Ayurvedic energetic harmonizing & integration.

This beautiful, playful, and flowing movement allows participants to release blocked elemental / emotional energies FIRE, WATER, EARTH, AIR

to express Life-force with confidence, and to align body, heart, and soul.

Participants report feeling more balanced, peaceful, at home in their bodies, ALIVE, and connected to their own beings and others.

Danielle’s inspiration for the Solstice Dance:

One of my greatest joys over the years is
witnessing participants of SynergyDance liberate from that which holds them back,
so they may embrace
more aliveness and empowerment.

Danielle’s service to the humankind today is channeled through her sacred work - here in Dublin / Ireland and globally online through her “Soul Truth Support” website.