Dermot O’Hara is a natural born empathic intuitively developed Shaman, Healer, Teacher and Mindful Mentor. He has worked in his craft for over 30 years.

Working with the Ancestral lineage of Ireland as part of his own healing path
Dermot forged a deep relationship with the land through our Celtic Goddess Brigit.

Dermot will share this awareness with all of us as we gather with him to
“Bring the Light Home”.

Grounding the Light of Solstice Within

Dermot will guide us through this ceremony to ground and anchor the Blessed light of Winter Solstice deep within our hearth

as we journey home to share it with friends and family at this festive time.

Dermot is a founder member of The Celtic Grove of Brigit

Darkness Into Light

I have worked professionally in my craft for over 30 years. My awareness unconsciously opened to me following a traumatic period in my life that manifested as a long dark deep darkness of depression in my mid 20's. This long period or dark night of the soul was the initiation into the craft I practice today. As we often say in the craft Physician heal thyself.