About LORNA, Bedtime Sound Healing:

I’m a bit of a tree hugging, animal loving, wanderer of the woods who has been on an earth-based spiritual journey for over 35 years. I mostly follow my own meandering path, gathering knowledge along the way and appreciating that the more I learn, the less I seem to know! Despite that, I love learning new things and enjoying new experiences.


Awarded a diploma in Sound Healing by Celtic School of Sound Healing, Reiki and Moon Mna trained and currently training in Herbalism with Brigid’s Academy of Healing Arts, I love to help others heal themselves through sound, energy and nature, often combining all three to help bring about balance in our energy fields, raise our vibrations and facilitate deep healing.

Sound baths are an extremely relaxing experience which can take you on a deep meditative journey as you are surrounded by and immersed in the beautiful sounds and vibrations that are healing for mind, body and spirit.

During a sound-bath …

…Worries melt away as your energetic vibration is raised through a mix of bowls, gongs, chimes and other soothing sounds. You will be left with a profound feeling of peace and well being afterwards and often a great nights sleep.