Let's gather in this sacred ceremony, using our Drums as prayer, as one tribe of our beautiful planet

Sinead & Heart Rhythm Solstice Drumming Circle

Sinead Harte shares the facilitation of the Dublin Rhythm Alchemy Drumming with Tom Quinn, her teaching style is empathy based with a focus on inviting ritual into the circle and always ending in a Harmony Song.

Sinead has a history of working in addiction services/prisons as a group facilitator and counselor.

Solstice Drumming circle is indoors. All levels welcome.

Sinead also runs a seasonal Women’s Drumming circle in Dublin called Si Moon Rhythms:

She has participated in an Arthur Hull Village workshop Training in Scotland. And as a “Dancing the Rainbow teacher” Sinead has developed a deep love and awareness of working with groups through Ritual: using the body, voice, and all forms of Music.

You can find her amazing circles work at: Earthsong Camps (summer) & Corporate Wellness Ireland (team-building gigs)

Drumming: Beginners Totally Welcome

At Solstice event we get people from all walks of life. Even if this is your first time - do join Sinead’s circle. She brings her own drums and gently walks you through it. Together

..Still unsure? Check out the

Irish Times article about “Ireland’s Group Drumming - a Happier Rhythm at Work”:

It’s really interesting to see people’s reactions when they come into the room and see the drums on their seats,” …“Yes, it takes them out of their comfort zone and they are a bit apprehensive at first. But they are also attracted by the novelty and the fun element. And when you get them going, the feeling in the room can be absolutely electric

source: Irish Times